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Who We Are

About Us

Both Soly and Gnosis grew up in strict religious groups that never allowed for us to make space for our uniqueness. They have both been on their own separate journeys of discovering healing, indepence, and connection to source. As we awaken to the possibilities of our own worth and step into our own power, we are offering this platform and space to support, celebrate, and nurture the divine feminine within each of us. You are worthy. You are enough. We can’t wait to connect. 


Aster is a Greek name for Star. Together, Summon and Aster are a powerful message of summoning the star that you are. Both Soly and Gnosis are highly connected to spirit and are very tapped into the journey. We would love to guide you into your own journey and aim to shoot for the stars!



You can call me "G"

Gnosis is a longtime mover, who grew up with Kundalini yoga with the 3HO, the Healthy Happy Holy organization, and has been doing yoga, movement and music therapy since before she could walk.


Gnosis has over 1200 hours of various modalities of movement and healing training. She now shares a part of her newly formed practices with all who have an interest in Healing themselves.


She practices the yoga of being. Being Still, Being Happy, Being Love, Being Present. You can call her "G" or Dr. HealYaSelf


Here to help you get out of your own way.

Soly was originally was attracted to yoga at age 16 as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation after dealing with chronic illness. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the time she spent on her mat was healing her heart just as effectively as it was healing her body.

After a few years of consistently practicing at home, she felt that her practice was very different from what was offered in most yoga settings. She was attracted to more slow, intentional movements that offered time to practice positive affirmations between healing breaths. It was the kind of practice that she felt needed to be shared with others.

Since her first teacher training in 2017, she’s taught upwards of 500 classes and she can’t wait to teach hundreds more. 

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